NZRM Update 2021-01-24

Good morning. This week’s update to NZ Rail Maps consists of the following:

  • Added NIMT as far as Waikanae to Webmaps
  • Added Johnsonville Branch and Johnsonville-Tawa Section to Webmaps
  • Created the Volumes subsite (accessible using the Volumes link on the menu) to hold static maps. This area will include image galleries, PDFs and GPX files.

The Volumes site has taken up the most time during the week due to the need to decide what type of CMS to use and installation and testing work. As of the present all of Volume 5 has been added to the site and Volume 6 is in the process of being added. As there are a considerable quantity of images produced for nearly every volume of the maps, these will be added over the coming days, although many of them are out of date.

Both the main site and the Volumes site now look a little different as a new template has been selected which will be used on all WordPress-based NZRM sites.