NZRM Progress Report 2023-06-16: Midland Line, Palmerston North Gisborne Line, NIMT

Work is currently continuing to update the Midland Line maps. Due to other distractions, map work is fairly slow at the moment and could be stopped altogether for the last two weeks of June to allow catchup in other areas. At the moment the main area of progress is around Greymouth.

Work has also been going on this week on mapping the old Moutohora Branch from Gisborne, starting from Otoko and working in both directions. There is a surprising amount of 1950s aerial photography available for this, starting with 1952 at 1:20,000. Whilst too low to pick out tracks, it still does contain a surprisingly good level of detail. In places there is coverage from the same era up to scales of 1:10000 or in some area larger. The update of Volume 5 is still some way off being completed but will eventually happen.

In addition a request has been put in to Linz for aerial images from the Crown Aerial Film Archive for Marton Station on the NIMT and Woodville Station on the PNGL. Both of these are well known junctions and the images requested are a mix of official station surveys and corridor surveys.