New Zealand Rail Maps Project Development Report – December 2022

Here’s to the completion of another year of development of the New Zealand Rail Maps Project. This year has been unlike any other as it has seen a great many personal challenges to overcome which have produced delays and distractions throughout. Almost all of the year has been devoted to completion of Volume 11 of the maps, and plans to update content on the live webmaps have not made any progress. No new updates have been produced for the Volumes part of the site since early in the year. However the progress on Volume 11 has been significant and although expectations that it could be completed in 2022 were not met, it is well on the way.

Towards the end of the year some time was spent on updates of parts of Volume 9, and this is still ongoing at the time of writing, with particular reference to Arthurs Pass and Otira stations. This work will be finished first, before changing back to complete Volume 11. Volume 10 is also on the more immediate list of priorities as the work on the three volumes 9-11 is intended to inform various field trips that have taken place this year or are planned to take place in 2023.

For the coming year ongoing consolidation of existing work, much as in the past, is expected. Bringing the webmaps up to date remains an important goal to be achieved as soon as a complete volume, such as 11, is available.