New Zealand Rail Maps Project Development Report – August 2022

During the month of August, work has been carried out on Volumes 9 (Midland Line) and 11 (Main South Line), the former in order to inform a field trip planned into the area late this year or early next year; and the latter to push ahead with the completion of this volume. In fact, in reviewing back to the start of this year, work on Volume 11 has been the most consistent highlight of the annum since switching to it about seven months ago. It is now proposed that it may be possible to complete Volume 11 by the end of 2022, given that it now only reaches as far as Mosgiel since the division of corridor length was formalised with the MSL corridor and all its branches being more or less equally divided between Volumes 11 and 12. This would be followed by the completion of Volume 10 in its entirety during 2023 and Volume 9 as far as Otira which has been the focus of the work referred to in the first sentence of this report.

No further work has as yet been carried out on the webmaps update proposed to occur at the end of this year. It does appear likely this will in the main consist of updating the existing content rather than adding new content as previously proposed. This means the proposal to add aerial photo content may be suspended until 2023 and updates for this year will simply consist of revised content in existing formats rather than adding new ones. The proposed addition of the Linz Basemaps Topo layer is currently on hold because of uncertainty over the level of work needed to make it function under Leaflet, the code package that the webmaps site runs under. There isn’t really a technical question that the topo layer could be displayed; it is more of how to actually do it with the Leaflet plugins for vector tiles.