MSL Palmerston-Dunedin [1A]: Progressing…

Here’s GE of Ravensbourne just to be going on with.
The big factory on the left is of course the old Dominion Fertiliser premises. As one may recall from the posting on Seadown, DF was one of the companies merged to form Ravensdown back about 40 years ago. DF’s main rival was Kempthorne Prosser whose Burnside factory was closed down many years ago. The conveyor is classed as a bridge by Kiwirail. The station can be seen to the right, the only real remnant today being the footbridge. The factory just to the left of the station was Humes Pipes now long gone. Since they were so close to the station, any siding they may have had was probably just alongside the yard, the photos don’t actually show their premises as such.