Main North Line [11K]: Addington 11 / Polygonal Styles 1

Some samples of the workshops site. The styles still have to be finalised before these are released on the website.

The main style that needs to be finalised here is the building outlines, because the styles have been previously designed for diagram use with a plain white background and therefore have a solid black or grey fill, now I need to decide if I just use a solid border and transparent fill as shown here. I have just worked out how to style fills with an outlined border with a white edge so the border can clearly be seen, so that is about the last style element that needs to be outlined to make sure it shows up on an aerial photography background.

Having solved this technical issue with fill styles, I can now determine that the maps will be called “rail diagrams” and “rail maps” and the former will be the plain white background, the latter will be on aerial photography. So every map will be produced with an aerial photography background because of the free reuse of the Linz aerial photography being possible. I think it is likely I will come up with a thinner border style for buildings if I decide to use a style similar to the above instead of a solid filled rectangle style. The thicker style will continue to be used as now for sites.

The below is the likely building/structure style to be used. I like the open circles for turntables.