Main North Line [11J]: Addington 10

As of now here is what has been drawn excluding Plant Zone and the workshops. Apart from adding those areas, generationalising all the track (checking to see how much still exists today) is another task to be completed.
I have decided to draw all the yards from scratch (compared to the stuff I did in GE not that long ago) but won’t be doing multiple generation aerial photos unlike the way I did it previously. If multiple aerial photos exist they will be used to help draw in extra tracks but there won’t be multiple backgrounds the way they have been done in Otago Central and one or two other areas as putting them together takes a lot of work. So the MSL from Lyttelton to Templeton will all be done from scratch because the mosaics give me much more accurate placement of track if they are done properly, and therefore saves me from having to line up all the previously drawn track to the Linz aerial photos.