Wairarapa Line [7A]: Rimutaka Incline Section [1C]: Kaitoke-Summit

These maps aren’t complete sets like the previous ones and they haven’t been marked up with detail like the maps generally would be. The reason for this is I am just working as fast as I can to get the rest of the Rimutaka detail done before I need to go and catch up some other stuff. In fact mostly what has been done is putting the aerials together but there is a lot of Wellington stuff that is not going to be finished right now but will come together later as I have all sorts of stuff on the go right now. So these are just the historical pictures (mostly 1943 but the one of Summit itself is 1961) without much detail added to them.
I haven’t got much in the way of captions except that one of them is Ladle Bend where you can see there was a house built at one time. The very last one is a closeup of Summit where you can see some of the sites but because this is 1961 then unfortunately there isn’t an opportunity to fill in what was at those sites.