Wairarapa Line [0GG]: Volume 6 Progress Update 33

Good afternoon. Excellent progress continues to be made on the Volume 6 completion, even though the mosaics have had further revisions. When the yard layout was drawn for Featherston Station, it was realised that an older version of this map was also needed for some historical information and so we have added 1957 and 1961 to the mosaics. This has not really slowed things down at all because it does not take very long to draw most of the yard diagrams and so the fact that we are also doing work on other volumes and activities at the same time has not had much impact on progress.

We are confident the yard layouts will all be drawn by the start of the weekend and the task of publishing the rest of the maps will go ahead rapidly from there.

Mauriceville. The main line was straightened at the south end.

Featherston, showing the ballast siding. The yard itself still has multiple tracks in place except for the part that went through the goods shed.

Between Featherston and Speedys Crossing was another ballast siding that was still connected up in 1937, as was the one at Silverstream Bridge. Wartime conditions probably forced the tracks to be lifted in many of these seldom used pits.

Greytown station in 1943. We really need a yard layout diagram to work from. The goods shed still stands today.