Waiau Branch [0A]: Series numbering for Waiau Branch articles

We have decided to produce a series of aerial photos for the stations on the Waiau Branch. This will be spasmodic with no set timetable and will be fitted around our existing production schedule.
There was no schedule planned originally but because the stations are so small and simple, I have completed a set of maps for Rotherham and expect to do the rest from time to time throughout the coming year whenever I feel like a change of pace.
The series will be as follows:
  1. Waipara – already completed
  2. Waikari
  3. Hawarden
  4. Medbury
  5. Balmoral
  6. Pahau
  7. Culverden
  8. Achray
  9. Rotherham
  10. Waiau

Additional series numbers may be added for coverage of other topics that may be appropriate to add to the series.

The maps for Rotherham were drawn yesterday and I will be posting about them shortly.