Project forum

So yesterday I opened a Facebook group for the maps project, and a number of people have joined it. This means I don’t need to use the general forums so much, although there will be posts there from time to time to announce progress with different aspects, as well as to keep the membership of those groups informed about the project. Yesterday was pretty busy and today is quiet again, so that is good. Once upon a time back in 2000 I admined a group on Onelist (NZRailways) which was not really an enjoyable experience and I closed it down. With that experience I didn’t really want to take on the burden of admining a group again but I have got some people on board to assist and take the workload off me. Today will be back to the hard work of drawing maps again hopefully.
It’s very pleasing to see how this thing is really taking off and being blessed after years in the wilderness and a lot of attacks and sniping from some other areas of the NZ rail community, I feel I am able to keep developing it as a hobby provided it doesn’t take over my life. So I expect to be continuing with it for the foreseeable future.