Project Diary 2019-10-12: Christchurch Maps

Local government election results are in and the unfortunate conclusion is we will not see much that improves Public Transport over the next three years in Greater Christchurch. More about this in Christchurch Transport Blog in the next few days.
Meanwhile Greater Christchurch maps are the main focus this week again and in recognition of the time this is taking, a project development schedule post went out earlier this week allowing for several months more work for the rest of the year and possibly the earlier part of next year on completing the GC maps.
The work is continuing on the last section of the Greater Christchurch map tile mosaics which is the section from Riccarton to Ashley. The tile work has been pushed ahead in the last few days. The research is also going ahead quite well with 50 files a week being worked through from Archives New Zealand’s local office. However major areas are still to be researched including the stations of Lyttelton, Heathcote, Woolston, Opawa, Linwood, Addington*, Papanui, Belfast, Kaiapoi, Flaxton, Rangiora, Ashley, Middleton, Sockburn, Islington, Templeton. (* Addington has partly been completed, we have not yet looked at either of the Workshops or Plant Zone however and will have to prioritise these). The research has to do a lot of catching up as we only decided to start researching Greater Christchurch stations towards the end of August.
The tiles for most of Lyttelton have now been extracted but a small change put into the mosaic means re-extracting a small number. In the coming week we can expect to see tiles extracted for Heathcote and Ferrymead.