PNGL Maps Update [2B]

Following on from the last post I have updated one of the images in the collection (the one that covers Ormondville). The address again (this time spelt out for those reading this post syndicated to FB):
Basically I have added two points to every font size on the map. The result is much more readable than the earlier ones. The nav labels and arrows have also been improved.
I think within reason this is an acceptable compromise for handheld devices, a phone is still not going to be optimum but it is too difficult to cover every single base, as the font sizes are set in the map project, not in the layout template, so they are global for every single map that is produced from that project. If I wanted to vary font sizes I would either have to have a different project, or use the scale based font sizing which is an interesting feature I haven’t really looked at before, and which could still be a little tricky to set up.