Otago Central Railway [8]: Waipiata-Ranfurly

Whilst progress has slowed a lot lately I am still working on the maps as time allows. I have discovered that aerial photography at 0.4 metres resolution is available for the entire line (there is higher resolution coverage available for a few areas close to Dunedin as well). This is very material to what I am doing because Google’s licensing forbids copying from their imagery, meaning I have to change all the maps to use only Linz aerial photography as their source. It is likely I will have to download aerial photography for every map in NZ to ensure that all content has been sourced from the Linz coverage rather than any other source that may have licensing restrictions applying to it.

Waipiata station (approximate layout). This overlay uses 0.75 m aerial photography that I downloaded before I became aware of the 0.4 metre Central Otago coverage. I will download this higher resolution photography over the next few days and load it on Qgis so I can make sure I don’t need to use Google Earth at all.
Ballast pit (red x’s) between the 75 and 76 mile pegs, just south of Ranfurly. The map below illustrates this location.

The locomotive depot area immediately south of Ranfurly. The map above shows the location of the turntable and engine shed, while the image below is from Whites Aviation and shows the development of these facilities in 1951. Prior to that time Ranfurly had an engine depot north of the station.