Otago Central Railway [63P]: Ranfurly-Alexandra 16 (Ida Valley-Wedderburn 1)

It’s been a busy week for me with lots of internet issues at home slowing down the work, but I am pushing on with Central Otago and other stuff at the moment.
After Ida Valley, we head back to Oturehua, and beyond that, Wedderburn. This is an interesting section because of the climb over the Wedderburn Pass, which is the highest of the line’s various summits, and because the map of Oturehua is already completed, I have elected to cover both stations in one article series.
Here’s a look at the Oturehua township with the map over the historical aerial photography. Oturehua has very few remnants left today as all the station buildings and platforms have gone. There is only one railway house left near the station.