Otago Central Railway [63A]: Map Completion – Ranfurly-Alexandra 1

Well today I published the final set of maps and diagrams for the Alexandra-Cromwell section. They are now available from the Volume 12 Google Plus collection:
The completion of this means I will have a couple of days breather before pushing on with the next section, which is Ranfurly to Alexandra. I hope that the maps I have already done for this section are good enough to be finished with only a little minor checking. Off recollection there are almost no generations in this section except maybe at Ranfurly itself. One disadvantage of having generations is the tedious task of making all the different aerial photos line up with each other. This was noticed at the last minute with both Alexandra and Clyde station maps and resulted in the need to re-edit the aerial photos for both stations, which fortunately only took a few hours to complete.
I have had a quick look at this section and really there is very little work to be done. Going from the Alexandra end the work needed includes:
  • Galloway – maps completed.
  • Overlap errors to be fixed on a section of aerial imagery between Galloway and Chatto Creek.
  • Chatto Creek – maps completed.
  • Omakau – maps completed.
  • Lauder – maps completed.
  • Auripo – a track diagram to be overlaid for tracing some features to complete the maps.
  • Ida Valley – one of very few maps drawn solely from chainage charts, this one needs to be checked over and a disclaimer banner attached.
  • Oturehua – maps completed.
  • Wedderburn – maps completed.
  • Ranfurly – maps completed.
So in actuality there isn’t a whole lot of work needed on this section, and it is much longer than the Alexandra-Clyde section just completed. My guess would be two or three weeks of work to finish it off and generate the final maps for uploading.

On the other hand a lot more work is needed on Wingatui-Ranfurly. Maps are needed from scratch for Waipiata, Kokonga, Tiroiti, Rock and Pillar, Ngapuna, Sutton, Hindon, Mt Allan, Parera, Salisbury while the completed ones are Hyde, Middlemarch, Pukerangi, Flat Stream, North Taieri, Taieri Estate. The stations that need maps are mostly very small and have good quality aerials or plans available, so the time consuming part is creating the aerial photo or plan mosaics to trace off.