Otago Central Railway [61T]: Alexandra-Cromwell 17

In the past few days I have been doing newer higher resolution aerial mosaics for Clyde. Here are screen dumps of what has been completed so far.
Clyde in the 1960s.
Clyde in the 1970s.

 Clyde in 2015.

The main work still to be done is for 1978-1991 which includes the following changes:

  • 1978: Work started on the 2nd station site
  • 1979: 
    • The main line was diverted and linked to the original line to the 1st station and Cromwell. 
    • The new highway occupying the original railway corridor through the south of Clyde was under construction.
  • 1981: 
    • The 2nd station was open and the original line to Cromwell was lifted. 
    • Highway completed.
  • 198x: The 1st station site saw the goods shed relocated to the museum site nearby.
  • 1991: The 2nd station was closed and the line lifted.
The remaining aerial photos will be added today and the maps redrawn. I have spent a lot more work on these maps than on the originals and of course I have the high resolution aerial photography and are using double size LDS tiles so the quality will be higher particularly with the NZR survey of Clyde incorporated in the 1970s generation.