Otago Central Railway [60C]: Ranfurly to Wingatui 3

Today I finished and submitted Part 3 of the Otago Central series to NZRO. I believe this edition will appear in print in about a month.
The illustrations which have been submitted appear below.
There was a minor crisis when I typed up the reference list and found it came to something like 1500 words. Unfortunately this time I haven’t got inline citations because it is so difficult to pin down which one of a large number of reference sources was used for a particular paragraph. I’m quite sure that everything came from not more than a third of the actual reference list.
As the article notes the maps are not finished. I had hoped at the beginning to have them completed for each part but that is not the case. Part 1 and 2 maps are the most complete, but not fully. In order to make it less piecemeal and more complete, I am going to go back to Cromwell and check everything in that order is complete and then produce the full maps section by section along the line to ensure everything is finished. This is most relevant because I have generational maps to produce for Clyde and Alexandra that are still not finished, although it has taken some time to come up with a data structure for the GIS to make it easy to show and hide various features based on dates.
So it does seem highly likely the Part 1 and 2 maps will be finished by the time the Part 3 article comes out as long as I do something every day to complete them, then I can get on to finishing the Part 3 maps as soon as I can. And then move on to something else 🙂