Otago Central Railway [56B]: Wrapping up 2

Well I have just completed a visit to Dunedin which included two full days at Archives New Zealand’s Dunedin branch. The following research materials were copied during my visit:
  • Otago Central chainage charts for 0-25 miles
  • Some parts of the 25-146 miles chainage charts that were blurry on the copy I received from another researcher
  • Plan showing the 102 mile deviation and another showing the original route
  • Details (including plans and sidings) of Alexandra, Ida Valley, Auripo, Waipiata, Hyde, Flat Stream, Deep Stream, Matarae, Mt Allan, Little Mt Allan, Christmas Creek, Hindon, Parera, Salisbury, Hyde Ballast Pit, Taioma
This information was gained from something like 100 different files.
In essence this enables the maps to be substantially completed with diagrams of almost every location for which aerial photos are not available so as to make the maps the most complete that they practicably can be. It was not possible to locate the Reefs stations readily in file titles so they are among the few missing.
Work will continue to complete the maps in accordance with the publication timetable of Parts 2 and 3 of the article series which is going to be happening for about another 3 months or so.