Otago Central Railway [38A]: Hyde

 Hyde from the 1966 aerial photo of the area.

 Hyde. The only structures remaining are the station building, platform and loading bank. The yard was purchased privately from NZR when the line closed and therefore remains more or less as it was except for the buildings that have been removed.

A long and deep cutting at 83 km, a few km south of Hyde. One of the most substantial cuttings on the rail trail.

Looking across Bridge 50 crossing Five Mile Creek. This is the most substantial bridge between Hyde and Middlemarch with a length of 52 metres and a height of 12 metres. Note the original style handrail on the right.

The north end of Hyde.

Hyde from the south. The rail trail at the time followed the access road at the west side of the yard, with an extension to cross over a backshunt as seen in the bottom of the picture and join the trail to the south. With the purchase of the Hyde station and yard by the rail trail trust the trail has been altered to pass next to the station.

Looking around the big curve just south of Hyde with the station building middle distance.

 One of two pipe crossings near Hyde.

“Straw Cutting”, where the Hyde rail disaster took place in 1943.

Hyde accident memorial, 500 metres south of the actual location.