Otago Central Railway [34]: Clyde Sidings

Well just a quick note really. Work is continuing in progress on the Otago Central with a lot of writing and various last minute changes to maps to ensure they are properly up to date.
Clyde from 1969 to 1978 had an NZED depot which was accessed by a siding with the points facing the original Clyde station.
With the advent of the Clyde Dam project the depot was taken over by the Ministry of Works and the tracks rearranged.

I have enquired for one last aerial photo. This is Survey 5073 Run G Photo 10 that covers the footprint area shown in green above. The aim is to confirm the above details. As time is running short to complete the map of Clyde I hope just this one photo will confirm the site and track layout for the NZED depot as it then was.