Otago Central Railway [31E]: Article Part 1 / Alexandra aerial photos

Well as you can see it has been a couple of weeks since posting, I have been busy talking to people and looking at a few things.
I am seriously having a look at whether to get some more aerial photos to update the knowledge I have of Alexandra yard, but this will just be to get the maps finished. It won’t affect the writing of an  article which is due to be completed within the next week because that won’t necessarily include all the maps.
Survey no. 5073 dates from 1977 and is at a scale of 1:7800 which is about as good as it gets. However more digging has found me Survey no. 8194 produced in 1983 and with only three photos total that just happen to cover the railway yard, which makes me think it was a survey produced specifically for NZR. The scale on these is 1:4300 which is even better. According to Archives NZ it should cost $70 total for all three to be scanned at high resolution which is a pretty good deal.
Meanwhile the article continues and it will be fully completed in the first part as the higher priority because there is a deadline to meet and the layout has to be finalised after completing the text. So I am aiming on finishing that this week. The maps may have a little revision but not a lot because the article has to be finished no matter what.