Otago Central Railway [27B]: Lauder [2]

Here are the revised maps of Lauder.

There were two houses at the west end of the yard, both now gone. Some of the other disappeared buildings and features include a trolley shed, station building, platform, goods shed etc. The loading bank, which was the older L shaped style, is one of the few remaining features.
 The station building recently returned to the site, but minus the annex that used to be on the east end of it. It has been put in a different place.
Roads have been altered at the eastern end of the yard. The highway realignment has taken over a small section of rail corridor and the rail trail now follows part of the original highway alignment to make a right angle crossing of the road.

The site today.

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As photoshopping these aerial photos is so easy now I expect to do all the ones I have, although I haven’t totally decided about Alexandra or the old Clyde station yet.