Otago Central Railway [16]: Cromwell Gorge

Well the notion that the holidays was going to offer ample time to get this project pushed along turned out to be a bit of a flop because the holidays were busier than term time. So my expectations for getting a lot of progress done haven’t materialised. 
However things have slowed down again back in term time so progress will be made this week.
The railway as it goes around Brewery Creek and down past Gibraltar Rock towards Waenga. Apart from the two prominent headlands rounded by the rail and road routes the fact the route appears to be above the waterline for much of the distance in between is moot as the shoreline may have been built up above its original level.

UPDATE 2/5/17: Progress today has been good and has just reached down to Bridge 92, more than halfway through the Gorge. A little more work would bring the completed map down to Doigs ballast pit and station. Doigs was the first station in the Cromwell Gorge after Clyde, being halfway from Clyde to Waenga.