NZ Rail Maps Web Site Migration

Currently work is under way to migrate the NZ Rail Maps website to a new hosting platform.

This can be expected to be the last post on this blog before the migration occurs.

The webmaps site is being left on its current hosting platform but with a new site address which is . This will remain in operation in its current form until later in the year when decisions are taken about a new webmaps site design as previously flagged in blog posts.

It is unclear whether the subscriber base of people who are receiving notification of these posts by email can be migrated across when the new hosting platform comes into operation. If you are a subscriber and updates stop coming, you may need to go back onto the site and re-subscribe, assuming that option is still available on the new site. The new templates for WordPress is a bit of a learning curve and it is possible the subscribe widget may not actually be available on the new site to begin with. The project Facebook page will continue carrying updates and is unaffected by the changes.