NZ Rail Maps Project Direction/ Development Proposals [2019D]

This is a more in depth look at what we hope to see developed in the Project in 2019.

All of Volumes 1-12 will be developed to a Basic level. In addition the following content is planned to be developed to a Comprehensive level:

  • Volume 1: Selected stations in the Far North.
  • Volume 2: Auckland Central, Te Rapa/Hamilton, and the parts of Wellington already covered. No other plans at this stage, partly because of lack of Retrolens coverage of the Central North Island.
  • Volume 3: Selected stations on the Kinleith, Taneatua and Thames branches, and on the closed section between Paeroa and Apata.
  • Volume 4: No comprehensive development planned due to lack of Retrolens coverage in the area.
  • Volume 5: All stations between Napier and Gisborne, and selected stations in other parts of Hawkes Bay. Limited by lack of Retrolens coverage south of Ormondville.
  • Volume 6: Some areas of the Wairarapa already completed, which may be added to. Limited by lack of Manawatu coverage of Retrolens.
  • Volume 7: Some stations on the Nelson Section.
  • Volume 8: No comprehensive development planned due to lack of Retrolens coverage in the West Coast.
  • Volume 9: Comprehensive coverage of Otira, Arthurs Pass and selected stations on the Canterbury side. West Coast is limited by lack of Retrolens coverage.
  • Volume 10: Selected stations within Christchurch, North Canterbury, Waiau Branch, Picton and Marlborough.
  • Volume 11: Selected stations within Christchurch, Mid/South Canterbury, Methven and Springburn Branches, North Otago, Dunedin, Invercargill
  • Volume 12: All stations on the Otago Central Branch. Selected stations on the Kingston Branch and its branches.

That is a lot of work but I have left myself plenty of wriggle room by using the discretionary term “selected” to avoid getting too committed to particular locations.

Because work is going on in a number of different areas all at once, in addition to the regular diet of posts about specific stations or sections, a weekly progress report will also be written.