NZ Rail Maps Project Development Report [2020I]: Web Site Development – August 2020

As it is generally known, we have a web site at The website is in its early stages of development, and we have still to determine various parameters for it. We are, however, expecting to carry out the following content development options:

  • Add volume galleries of the full set of maps for all of the 12 volumes that cover New Zealand.
  • Create station galleries to find station information easily. These will include collected maps from the volume galleries, and it might include other documents such as S&I diagrams, source aerial photos or geotagged mosaic tiles. * Currently due to size, aerial photos are likely to be excluded, and only crops of photos for stations that are not mosaiced are likely to be placed in station galleries.

We expect the current homepage to be significantly improved, and it will be linked into all volume and station galleries. At the moment it has only been linked into the volume galleries that have been completed so far (Volume 5 and 6 at the time of writing).

The intention for content placement is to place the original content of the maps project for the most part and we aren’t currently planning to place third party content in any quantity. It takes a lot of work to collect or create content, and it is less of a priority when it isn’t directly related to the project. We may place some third party content into another site such as Google Photos, which we will consider as the project goes on, but it may well be that the only content on the site is content that has our copyright banner on it, to avoid any appearance of problems over copyright of third party content. The volume of disk space usage for each completed volume is significant; to date the two volumes published have used around 5 GB each and that implies we could easily end up using 50-60 GB for the maps for all of the country.

Hence the development of the web site will follow this pattern:

  • As a volume is developed, a station gallery will be created for each station and sample maps placed there.
  • When the volume is published, the full set of maps for the volume will be placed in the volume galleries
  • The published maps for each individual station will then be collected from the volume galleries, and sample maps removed.