North Auckland Line [0N]: Volume 1 Progress Update 14

Good evening. After a lot of preparation, work has finally begun today on the production of the maps for the Volume 1 update. This week has been quite a slow one for maps production and is probably behind schedule yet again, but there has been a lot going on behind the scenes in this project lately. This includes a decision to solely focus on using the Project’s own resources to discuss and publicise the content production.

We are changing the format slightly in terms of documenting our progress. Blog updates such as this one will continue to appear for Volume 1, but will probably be written as a weekly summary. In between, there will be Daily Diary updates, which will appear on our Facebook page and our research mailing list. These will be highly pictorial. Map samples will be produced and updated daily on our Flickr page as well. They will be sitting there for a week or two before they are finalised and placed on our web site for official release.

So that is how the project development will be documented for our readers for the rest of Volume 1. The first Daily Diary will appear later this evening, following the publication of this blog post.