Midland Line [1A]: Otira-Greymouth 1: Stillwater

Just for something completely random but it is happening because the Midland Line and particularly the Stillwater Ngakawau Line are two where I need to finish off the basic detailing. With the help of Linz aerial photos I will also draw in any yard tracks and sidings found along the way.
These posts are not going to incorporate the research we used to see when I did a lot of posts on this blog previously because that’s one thing I simply don’t have time for. 
I’m actually not that sorry to be finishing off this project, it’s only the Otago Central that’s really got me fired at the moment. Doing this stuff on some of the other locations isn’t really that exciting any more, it will just be working away hard to get things finished all along the lines in NZ, this area shouldn’t take more than a week.
Because only Windows versions of Qgis can handle lots of aerial photos I have resumed using the Windows box for the aerial photo work and have temporarily added a second screen to it just for the last part of this project.



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