Marton New Plymouth Line [0D]: Project Progress Report [4]

Quick update on the MNPL. Have been doing a few different things this week but today I started working back from New Plymouth and Waitara back to Stratford putting in the detail over 50 km of route so that part is completed which is pretty good as it would only take a few more days to complete all of the volume. Just checking overall progress and basically the following is needed to complete the entire volume for the MNPL (Volume 4):
  • 13 km of the main line from approx Te Roti to Stratford to be detailed
  • 10 km of the Egmont Branch to be detailed and aerial photo coverage extended
  • Opunake Branch to be aligned and detailed
  • Manaia branch to be aligned and detailed
  • SOL to be aligned and detailed. Currently aligned up to the first 10 km out of the total 143 km.
  • Various bits and pieces such as gaps in aerial photography and some of the detail around Whanganui to be completed.

Overall the progress is fairly impressive, the major task at the moment being to do the SOL. I expect it will take about a week to complete the SOL outright and maybe another week to tidy up the other bits and pieces. This means it should be near completion by the middle of February.