Main North Line [4]: New map series

The next series I’m working on is the Main North Line and working south from Picton. Since the line is in the process of being reopened it seems like a good time to update the maps there. Most of the maps are already complete and in the main it is a matter of reincorporating new details that are shown on the very recent aerial photography that was done after last November’s earthquake. However it is not feasible to show changes since then for the most part as this would need new coverage which I don’t think will exist at the moment.

 Picton as seen a few years ago.

Historical 1967 photo of Picton. At that stage the Aramoana and the Aranui were in operation; the World Bank loan to buy the other two ferries had not come into effect. The yard had had some changes but was still nowhere near the size of today.