Galloway, Chatto Creek, Omakau, Lauder, Auripo

So as we move on down the line, then I am about to order the next batch of scans for the line. How usable these are as I have mentioned, is difficult to know.

The current map of Galloway, showing aerial photo footprints. Since Survey 1452 only covers Alexandra to Clyde, I will have to find a new survey that is suitable, at around the same time, to work up the Manuherikia Valley. Galloway was only a small station so there won’t be much detail to copy.
Chatto Creek was also a small station with not much to see. However, it also had a ballast pit, the bridge for which can be seen to the west of Bridge 76. It should be possible to pick the details of this up on aerial photography, as I understand the ballast pit was still in operation until the 1950s or 1960s.
Omakau was a more substantial station, which at one time had its own engine depot and turning triangle for locomotives. It will be useful to pick up this detail to add to the map.
Just east of Omakau we have the phantom curves. I don’t think these warrant any further investigation; it seems clear enough that the surveyed corridor was never used by the railway at all.
Lauder was small enough that I don’t expect to pick up much there but it will be useful for completeness.
I hope to be able to find further aerial proof of this deviation near Auripo. The nearby Auripo station is another small halt.